Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Plan

I have been itching to start working on Owen's nursery - it's killing me that we have to wait until our remodel is complete, before we can move our things out of the room and start working on it for Owen! I'm so impatient lol

In an attempt to ease my nursery and nesting itch, I've been slowly planning what we will do to the room once it officially becomes available. You'll recall from my previous Inspiration post, that I have a bunch of ideas already in mind. So I put them together in a (amateur) visualization, just so that we could get a better idea of what it would look like all put together.

the left side of the room, with accent wall

the right side of the room, by the closet and doorway

My apologies for my poor computer skills (I am sure there is a better program and way to have done this), but computer guru/CAD drawer/architect/engineer I am not lol So this is the best that I could come up with.

But I think it really helps to visualize what the room will look like.

We were having a difficult time deciding on colors, and these pictures really helped us put that debate to rest.

The room is currently a light baby blue color and once we found out that we were having a boy, the thought of keeping that blue on the walls crossed our minds. But if you'll recall from my other posts, I have always wanted a gender neutral nursery. My lifelong plan has always been to have a gender neutral nursery that all of our children could use - once the baby grows up s/he would move into their own big kid room and get to help decorate that space, while the new baby would take over the nursery. Logically and financially, this just always made the most sense to us and I am determined to stick with it at this point.

And now that I can see and visualize what the nursery will look like, I think it's a perfect balance of gender neutral that all of our children will get to enjoy for years to come :o)


A REAL housewife of Chicago said...

This looks really good!!! What program/software did you use???

I soooo agree w/the whole neutral nursery thing. I have a lil girl & she was my 1st, we'll lets just say PINK/BROWN were the only colors I knew at the time I was pregnant/she was born. Not at all thinking "what if there was to be a #2" in the future...

Have fun putting it all together!!! :-)

Katrina said...

Thanks :o)

It's actually just MS Publisher - I used the drawing tools to create a skeleton of the room, then added some color and pictures.

I love pink/brown for little girls - I bet your little girl's room is beautiful!

I have gone back and forth with this decision for a while now - I would love to go all out and do a "hard-core" little boys room for Owen. But the way we figure it - he wont really remember or appreciate his nursery as much as he will his big boy room... so we'll let him go all out with that in a few years. And then mommy doesn't have to redecorate multiple rooms lol

Thanks for reading!

dave and jenn said...

I think you did a great job piecing it together! I found a cool feature on (I think) that allows you to plan the room by measuring the furniture and wall sizes... Kind of like a blueprint.

Katrina said...

Ooooooh great tip Jenn, I will definitely check that site out! Thanks :o)