Monday, June 21, 2010


There's a side of myself that I have debated about whether or not to share on this blog. But since it is a fairly big part of who I am and recently it has consumed a large portion of my free time and creativeness, I figured it was time to share... I am a twi-hard. Urban Dictionary defines a twi-hard as a serious/obsessive reader of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. That sounds about right ;o)

Let me preface this story by saying that my best friend had been trying to get me to read these books for years, and every time I flat out refused because I honestly believed that I would have no interest in a vampire story. Well, it all began late one winter's night in early 2009, when I was home alone in our old apartment and in desperate need of something to do. My husband had placed the first Twilight movie on the Netflix queue because... well, because that's what he does with all the new releases (my husband has a bit of a movie addiction). I swore up and down that I wasn't interested and that we could just send it right back to Netflix right then and there. However, on this particular night I was absolutely desperate out of pure boredom (I hate being home alone, especially at night) so I popped the movie into the TV, figuring at the very least it would be good background noise. Needless to say it ended up being much more than that - I was glued to the TV the entire time. I called my friend up raving about the movie and how I had to read the books so I could know what happens next - all she could say was "I told you so" lol And that's what I did, I went out the next day and bought the books, then proceeded to read all 4 of them (approx 2,400 pages) within the following 4 days and it only took me that long because I literally passed out and fell asleep on top of the books from exhaustion a couple of those nights. Since that fateful night I have read the series in it's entirety approximately 6 times through, and quite frankly have had an itch to go for time number 7 just recently.

So there ya have it folks - that's my story. I know many people may think that's it's silly and childish (I used to be one of those people), but I honestly don't care :o) This is who I am, I am a twi-hard!!!

The reason I bring this up now, is because the third movie is about to be released in a little over a week. Since discovering my twi-addiction, and a small group of close girlfriends who have also been bitten by the Twilight bug (pun totally intended), it has turned into much more than a love for reading the books. Next Tuesday evening, I will be hosting a Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Premiere Party!!! Four of my closest girlfriends (including my aforementioned best friend, who just laughs at me now) and I will be getting together for a Twilight themed party, and then going to the movie theater to see the midnight premiere of the movie.

As a result, this is where my free time and creativeness has gone recently. So without further ado, I present to you my preparations thus far for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse Premiere Party:

hand made invitations

Twilight themed goodie bags for the guests
including a custom made twi-shirt to match each girl's personality, ring pop (inside joke from the book/movie), blood sucker Twizzlers (from the movies), Eclipse gum (not pictured), Twilight Woods body spray, Edward Cullen bookmark, Eclipse soundtrack, and hand painted wine glass

My amazing aforementioned best friend, also happens to be a very talented artist. Lucky for us she has found a way to channel her gifts into something twi-related, and has made hand painted wine glasses for each of our Twilight parties - one glass for each book/movie.
I cannot wait for the last movie(s) to come out in November 2011, so that I can finally have the complete set!!!

In addition to those already completed plans that you see above, we also do a twi-themed dinner featuring: 
  • Esme's Italiano Lasagna
  • Bella's Mushroom Raviolis
  • Rosalie's Caesar Salad
  • Vampire Garlic Bread. 
We also have themed treats and snacks: 
  • warewolf puppy chow
  • black/red/white M&Ms
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • red velvet cupcakes
  • red delicious apples
  • black/red/white chips and salsa
  • red punch
  • red wine
  • bottled water with custom labels
And of course there are themed decorations, activities, etc. As you can see, we take this very seriously lol it's a fun event and we really enjoying getting together for it. Hopefully this post till find some fellow twi-hards, or maybe even inspire the skeptical to give it a try. Either way, I will be sure to do a follow up post in the coming weeks with pics from the event and reviews of the movie!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Green Thumb Part II

We finally got around to putting the edging bricks in our landscaping!!! Hey, better late than never right?! No less, it's finally done and only took a couple of hours with the help of my wonderful mother :o) I clearly didn't get my green thumb from her, because she is just awesome!!!

So, here's what we started with

then we planted some wormwood bushes and day-lilies

and now FINALLY we have the finished product

Tada!!! Please excuse all of the dead spinners laying in the mulch - our neighbor has a tree that drops them every spring and of course they blow into our yard, but it would take a million years to pick them all out (ugh) so there they sit until they decompose lol! Aside from that, the plants are growing beautifully!!!

Overall, the curb appeal for our house has skyrocketed since we moved in...

This was the listing photo from the previous owners

and this is what the house looks like now

Maybe I'm partial - but I really think it's come a long way :o) We still need shutters, a new driveway, and to do something with the front steps and walkway - but other than that I think the lawn itself looks a thousand times better, the landscaping is a HUGE upgrade from the dirt, weeds, and random tree that they had growing waaaaaaaaay too close to the front steps and foundation of the house, and our white SUV matches the house much better than their red pickup truck did ;o) What do you guys think???