Sunday, April 10, 2011


How far along: 17w4d

This weeks' weight gain/loss: 0lbs

Total weight gain/loss: -12lbs

Symptoms: lower back pain was awful this week - but I was out of town at a work conference for several days, on my feet and sleeping in a very uncomfortable bed, so I am thinking that attributed to a lot of it... heartburn was pretty bad too, but again I wasn't eating the world's greatest food and so I am blaming travel on that as well.

Maternity clothes: maternity pants and some shirts, but I don't really need the shirts per say yet and am just wearing them for a little change in wardrobe if nothing else.

Stretch marks: yes :o( around the hips, lower abdomen and thighs *sigh*

Best moment this week: finding out that we're having a little BOY!!!

Movement: more and more flutters every day!!!

Food cravings: lots of salty and sour stuff - sour patch kids and pickles lol

Gender: it's a BOY!!! Owen Richard W*****

Any baby related purchased: once we found out that we were having a little man, I just had to buy something gender specific - so I bought a couple outfits for little Owen and LoVe them!!!

Milestones: our little bean is a BOY and has a name!!!

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dave and jenn said...

Hotel beds are the worst for pregnant women! I have been dealing with the same thing lately....