Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a...


We had our elective ultrasound gender determination this afternoon, and found out that we're having a little man!!! I still cannot believe it - apparently Bryan's "intuition" was right and so were the most of old wives tales lol

He didn't want to cooperate at first (luckily it was elective and the lady was going to let us come back for free next week to try again) but with the help of some apple juice, chocolate, and tummy jiggling she got him to show us the goods! The umbilical cord was between his legs too, but she was great and used the heat sensor to distinguish between the two and prove that we were in fact seeing his "manhood" lol.

Overall it was an absolutely amazing experience and we are soooooooo glad that we did it - worth every.single.penny! Both of our parents got to come and they LoVeD it!!! The place was fabulous - the lady was super nice, there was a gorgeous leather sofa for the grandparents/spectators to sit on, and a beautiful 62in hi-def TV for everyone to watch! We were there for half an hour, got several print outs, and a DVD set to lullaby music of the whole ultrasound. The tech was even nice enough to switch into 3D for us a couple of times (which usually costs extra) so that we could really see our little boy! It was just such a happy, exciting, wonderful experience - the atmosphere was perfect and it was so great to have everyone there with us! So highly recommended, I cannot even begin to tell you all how awesome it was!

So, without further ado I present to you Mr. Owen Richard W*****


Becky said...

Congrats Katrina!!!

Girl of The Grove said... happy for you. Sounds like a very exciting and special day for all involved. Contrats on your baby boy. : )

misc.alaina said...

I totally called it! Yay for a little boy - so exciting!! A good friend of mine just had a little boy named Owen. Such a precious name!!

dave and jenn said...

Awww, congratulations! We loved our elective ultrasound experience as well. I'm glad you did too! Love his name too!