Our Wedding

Our Engagement

The summer after we graduated from college, we were vacationing in the OBX with friends and family. We all went out to a nice dinner one evening, and Bryan surprised me by asking me to marry him.

Our Engagement Pictures

My Bridal Shower

I had one wonderful bridal shower, hosted by my mother and bridesmaids. It was held at a beautiful local country club, where 50 wonderful women came to wish me wedded bliss :o)

My Bachelorette Party

A few weeks before the wedding my bridesmaids arranged for a ladies night out on the town. They rented a limo and we went dancing downtown at the local clubs - it was a blast!

We were married on July 5th, 2008

Even though we were living in a neighboring city over an hour away at the time,
we came home to be married in our hometown.

My bridesmaids and I met at the salon early that morning,
for a little girl time and pampering - getting our hair and makeup done.

We went back to my mom's house to get dressed and take pictures.

Then it was time to head off to the church to meet my groom!!!

The church was setup beautifully

Before we knew it, the ceremony began

And we were husband and wife!!!

Our reception was fabulous

We had our intro and first dance as husband and wife

Dinner was delicious and the party was great

It was a wonderful and perfect event,
we celebrated our love with family and friends.

Our Honeymoon

We took a 2 day break after our wedding, to recoup, before heading off to Mexico for our honeymoon. We stayed for 7 nights at the Aventura Spa Palace Resort (all-inclusive) in the Riviera Maya Mexico.