Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

I'm not sure exactly how 2012 could top 2011 for us ;o) But we are really excited to see what it has in store!

New Years was majorly uneventful for us this year - what can you really do with a 3 month old lol So we stayed in and relaxed... we honestly didn't even make it up to see the ball drop, we were all in bed by 9pm! But that was just fine with us, it was our favorite way to ring in the new year - enjoying the peaceful company of our little sleeping family :o) Unfortunately Owen also came down with his first cold on New Years :o( So it was kind of a rough go for most of it, but luckily he kicked it before it got too bad.

As is the social convention, I've made an exhaustive list of goals I would like to accomplish for the year :o) I'm honestly not over neurotic about the concept of resolutions, I just think it's nice to get a fresh start each year and do my best to make every moment count. But it is nice to spend the first of a new year, reflecting on the past year and organizing my thoughts for the new one.

Without getting too lengthy, some things I would like to accomplish this year: get into shape - again (I really do manage to at least somewhat accomplish this each year, but also always seems to let is slip by the end of each year lol) which includes watching less TV and spending less time on the computer, continue working on my photography, find an effective way to organize/protect/save my photography, find a way to showcase my DIY craftiness and possibly even turn it into a business someday, [once the weather is nice again] go out for a walk with Owen everyday, get the house cleaned and organized, but more organized in general in my everyday life, invest more time in my marriage, be more productive, be more positive, have more patience...

Just to name a few ;o)

Happy 2012 everyone!