Saturday, April 16, 2011


We had our 2nd trimester Anatomy Scan ultrasound yesterday!

I still cannot believe how big Owen is getting - it's still weird to see him like that on the screen, he's like a little person lol But he officially has 10 fingers and 10 toes, so I guess we're in pretty good shape :o)

And we have discovered that he is not a modest little man lol the tech confirmed for us that he is in fact a boy - the moment she put the prob down by his nether region, he flashed us something fierce!

We was, however, slightly uncooperative when it came time for her to get some measurements. But as a result we now get to go back again in a month, so that she can get the rest and hopefully he's more cooperative.


So on May 13th we get to go back for another look, which is actually really cool since we figured this was the last time we'd get to see him until we officially meet him in September! We're very excited!

Overall he's actually measuring a few days a head - his humerus and femur were measuring 18w4d and 18w5d, his torso was measuring around 18w5d, and his head was actually measuring like a week a head at around 19w5d.

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dave and jenn said...

What sweet pictures! Glad to hear everything went well!