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Upcoming Appointments:
  • Prenatal appt. @ 39w5d = 9/12/2011
  • Prenatal appt. @ 38w6d = 9/6/2011
  • Prenatal appt. @ 37w5d = 8/29/2011
  • Prenatal appt. @ 36w6d = 8/23/2011
    • Still no progress to report :o( Again, I was really hoping for something (anything) at this point. Doc says that my crevix is still nice and soft and starting to open from the outside (whatever that means), but no progress from the inside yet *sigh* She did say that she wont let me go past my due date, so in the next 3 weeks Owen will definitely be here (hopefully sooner rather than later)!!! Everything else looked good and my GBS test came back negative!!! We're all set for the hospital and have things setup with the Pediatrician, so now all we need is a baby!
  • Prenatal appt. @ 36w1d = 8/18/2011
    • Another great routine appt! No protein in the urine, lowest BP reading I've had yet and she was thrilled that he flipped on his own! However, she said that because he did flip so late that means he still has room in there and that means he could very well decide to flip again. So I'm supposed to pay extra close attention and we will continue to followup with u/s to check for flipping as needed until the end. She also recommended that when I am in labor and go to L&D, to let them know he just recently flipped and request an u/s to make sure he hasn't flipped back - she doesn't want me going through hours of strenuous labor, only to find out that he's breech again and need an emergency c-section (thank you doc!). She also did the GBS swab (lots of fun - not) and my first internal check for physical progress. Unfortunately we are not dilated yet :o( But my cervix is nice and soft, so we're on our way!
  • Growth u/s appt. @ 36w0d = 8/17/2011 
    • He flipped!!! Went in for our u/s and the tech found his head down in my pelvis right away!!!! I was honestly surprised, I could have sworn he was still transverse! But he's head down and ready to go! Everything else looked great as well - she estimated his weight at 7lbs5oz, but I am definitely not buying that... he was 5lbs6oz less than 2 weeks ago, he did not gain 2lbs in two weeks! They're only supposed to gain an average of half a pound a week right now. So I'm thinking he's more like 6lbs5oz and my OB said that she would agree with me. I guess those "estimates" can be off by as much as 2lbs in either direction. So at this point, we're anticipating a very average sized little boy!
  • Growth u/s appt. @ 34w2d = 8/5/2011 
    • The OB was worried about Owen's size because my Fundal Height has been measuring a head. But the u/s confirmed that he is a perfectly normal sized baby - 5lbs6oz which is in the 34% percentile for his gestational age. The peri who does our u/s said that we're on track for an average 8lb'er if he makes it all the way to 40 weeks. In other news, Owen is breech (transverse actually) and when my OB got that news she wasn't thrilled, so she scheduled us for another followup u/s in a couple of weeks to see if he's made in progress flipping himself. Otherwise we will begin "discussing options" at my next appt. 
  • Prenatal appt. @ 34w2d = 8/5/2011
    • After being up several pounds last appointment, we were down a pound this week! So weight gain is holding steady and my OB is very happy with our progress. Fundal height is still running big, but luckily we had an u/s appt right after this to get more precise information in that department. Other than that, everything looked good! Next appt will be the first of the weekly's until he's here and she'll also begin internal exams to check for progress.  
  • Prenatal appt. @ 31w5d = 7/18/2011
    • Another "normal" appointment today, with our actual OB this time. We were up several pounds in the weight department, which I was really concerned about, but my doctor says she's not worried because I lost so much in the beginning. I also mentioned to her that I've been feeling some minor heart palpitations and wasn't sure if they were due to the pregnancy, my heart or just anxiety. So she sent me to a cardiologist just to be sure and they're pretty certain that it's due to the pregnancy - Owen's getting bigger and messing with the blood flow to my heart. Other than that everything else came back normal and we're almost in the home stretch! 
  • Prenatal appt. @ 28w6d = 6/28/2011
    • Good appointment today, although we weren't with our actual OB - supposedly she was completely booked with the upcoming holiday and so we had to see the PA, which was fine. It was nice to have a new set of eyes and ears, a fresh different perspective, looking at us. I mentioned my swelling feet, specifically my concern that my right foot was swelling a little more than my left. She took a look and agreed that there was a slight difference. So she sent us for some test to make sure that it is just normal swelling and nothing else. We went for an ultrasound of my right leg to be sure there weren't any blood clots, which there weren't (whew). We also did a 24 hour urine collection and some bloodwork to rule out preeclampsia, which we are still waiting for the results on. 
  • Prenatal appt. @ 25w5d = 6/6/2011
    • Great appointment today!!! I was sure to make an early appointment this time - they always get really backed up and come 10:30am (my usual appointment time) I have to wait for almost an hour just to get into an exam room and then almost another other for the appointment. So this time I was sure to ask for a first appointment of the day, I was in and out in less than 45 minutes!!!! Other than that it was a good appointment - I was up a few more pounds this month (but still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight), she answered some questions, and did a Fetal Fibronectin Test to be sure I wasn't going to go into pre-term labor anytime soon (came back negative, so I'm not!!!). I also got my GTT drink (yum).
  • Anatomy Scan pt II @ 22w2d = 5/13/2011
    • Had a great follow up ultrasound! We started out with a student, which was actually ok because she took a lot of time, explained everything, and gave us some great shots. Then the regular tech came in and took a few more measurements, while taking even more time to explain and teach things to the student - it was really great how much time we got with Owen. They even went into 3D a few times for us!!! At the end they printed out a TON of hard copy pics and burned them all to our disc for us. It was a really great ultrasound. We scheduled one last ultrasound for early August (~33 weeks) and that will be the last time we'll see Owen before we get to hold him in our arms come September!!!
  • Prenatal appt. @ 21w2d = 5/6/2011
    • Another (thankfully) uneventful appointment - took weight (finally started to gain, only 4lbs this month thankfully), listened for heartbeat and answered questions. While she was trying to get Owen's heartbeat on the doppler she had to laugh, because he was bouncing around so much! She was having a hard time holding his beat long enough to get a reading/measurement lol It was cute and she thought it was funny.
  • Anatomy Scan pt I @ 18w2d = 4/15/2011
    • Ultrasound went well - Owen is not a modest little man and he flashed us right away, so the tech was definitely able to confirm that he is in fact a boy lol Everything else looked great too - he's actually measuring a few days a head. He was, however, a little uncooperative towards the end and so the tech still needs to get a few more measurements from him. So we get to go back again in about a month for another try.
  • Elective u/s appt. @ 16w4d = 4/4/2011 
    •  We're having a little BOY!!! Our experience was amazing! This place was awesome and everyone loved it! Our parents got to come - there was a gorgeous leather sofa for them to sit on, and a beautiful 62in hi-def TV for everyone to watch! We left with some pictures and a DVD set to lullaby music of the entire thing! Now we can watch from home whenever we want! So glad we did this - worth.every.single.penny!
  • Prenatal appt. @ 16w0d = 3/30/2011 
    • Had to reschedule this appointment for a few days earlier, as we had to go out of town for a funeral on the date is was originally scheduled for. But the office got me in and the appointment was quick and uneventful. My weight loss finally stabilized and I managed to stay the same weight as my last month's appointment. Listened for the heartbeat and heard it nice and strong in the high 150's (baby is nothing if not consistent). Doctor said that my uterus was fairly high and if she didn't know any better, would think that I was a little further along than I am... this has me a little concerned, but she said it was nothing to worry about and that she wasn't concerned. We also scheduled our anatomy scan for 4/15 and so we'll see that hopefully everything is on track and measuring correctly at that time. 
  • Prenatal appt. @ 12w1d = 3/3/2011 
    • Doctor went over the results of our NT Scan and bloodwork, everything is great! Baby's chances of having Down Syndrome are 1:17,000 and baby's chances of having any other chromosomal defects are 1:100,000!!! She assured us that those are great numbers and everything is looking good! She gave us the option of having the 16 week AFP bloodwork done, which would confirm those numbers and check for a few other markers for abnormalities like Spina Bifida. While the doctor doesn't think it's necessary, it is an option covered by our health insurance and so we'll be doing it anyway. Other than that, we listened for baby's heartbeat which came in at 160bpm, she answered some of my questions, and did a quick exam. Everything is perfect!
  • NT Scan appt. @ 11w5d = 2/28/2011 
    • It must have been nap time, because baby was curled up in the fetal position and pretty still for the most part. When we first got started s/he wiggled around a little bit, but then quickly settled back down for the remainder of the scan. Baby started out laying on his/her back, which made it difficult for the tech to get the measurement she was looking for. After a lot of poking, prodding, wiggling, and jiggling she was finally able to get at an angle where she thought she could get the measurement. But what do you know, baby must have known we were getting close because he/she decided that was time to flip over and lay on their stomach haha Needless to say, we did end up getting the measurement and it just took a little bit longer because baby was being stubborn and uncooperative (we're gonna have our hands full lol). All-in-all everything looked great, and the ultrasound tech was very pleased with everything she saw. Baby is measuring right on track at 11w5d, with a heartbeat of 161bpm. His/her crown-to-rump-length was 61mm And the NT fold was 1.0mm!!!!
  • Prenatal appt. @ 9w1d = 2/10/2011 
    • Uneventful for the most part - had a physical exam and a pap smear. Tried to listen for the heartbeat on the doppler, but gave up pretty quickly because the doctor didn't want to freak me out (probably shouldn't have tried at all then lol). She says I'm still really early and because my tilted uterus puts the baby further away from my abdomen, it may take a little longer to be able to hear the heartbeat via doppler. We will try again next time.
  • Viability u/s appt. @ 8w2d = 2/4/2011
    • Went in for an impromptu u/s scan today - after having been sick all week and having had a fever, I tried really hard not to freak out about it's affect on the baby. Luckily the wonderful nurse at my OB practice was willing to appease me with an u/s appt, and we got to see our little bean again!!! S/he is really starting to take shape - you can definitely make out the head, arms, and legs now. S/he also has a beautiful heartbeat of 178 beats per minute!!!
  • Prenatal appt. @ 6w5d = 1/24/2011
    • Went over medical history, pregnancy do's and dont's, Q&A, pamphlets, etc. Got paperwork for prenatal bloodwork, and had that drawn right after the appointment.
  • Viability u/s appt. @ 6w0d = 1/20/2011
    • Saw an amazing healthy little baby measuring 1 day a head of previous calculations at 6w1d with a beautiful little heartbeat of 126 beats per minute!!! We couldn't be happier and more thrilled! We've waited so long and prayed so hard... grow little one grow!

  • Beta #1 @ 7DPO = 9
  • Beta #2 @ 11DPO = 70
  • Beta #3 @ 13DPO = 243
  • Beta #4 @ 15DPO = 638