Monday, March 21, 2011

Rockin 'n Rollin

So we went on our first "official" baby shopping trip this weekend - it was surreal, being out in the stores looking at things that will be used for our baby! It was also overwhelming, there are sooooo many baby items out there!

Our task for the day, was to nail down a glider/rocker and stroller that we like.

We had been doing some window and online shopping prior to this, so we went in with a pretty good idea of what we liked and didn't like. Basically we were just going to see these items in person and confirm our thoughts.

After much research and debate, we're pretty sure we've settled on:

 The Baby Jogger City Elite all-terrain stroller

Shermag Chocolate Glider Combo with Tea Mocha Fabric
(shown here in different, lighter fabric)

After being able to "test drive" these items in the store, we're pretty sure that we're set on them. Both come highly recommended and seem to meet all of the criteria that we were looking for in each type of item.

We only have a couple of complaints regarding the stroller. 

First, that the all-terrain strollers tend to be a little larger in size and can therefore be difficult to maneuver around some tight spaces (i.e. malls, stores, etc.). However, we really want an all-terrain stroller for all of the outdoor activities that we enjoy during the nice weather months (i.e. walking, hiking, festivals, parks, camping, etc.).

Second, the infant carseat adapter for the all-terrain stroller is rather expensive ($60 for a metal bar) and leaves a lot to be desired with regards to stability and functionality (the carseat needs to be strapped down/in and it sticks out so far that it really blocks your view of the front tire, which in turn makes steering difficult as well).

As a result, we're looking at this stroller for more of a 4+ month item - once the baby is able to hold their head up and no longer needs the extra support of the infant carseat with the stroller. This also works out for us because the baby wont be 4+ months old until after the winter months and so we really wont be using an all-terrain stroller until then anyway. And of course this will also save us the $60 for the carseat adapter bar.

So we considered a few other options:
  • getting just a travel system
    • I absolutely hate plastic wheels and they're not practical for the activities we'd be doing
  • getting just the all-terrain
    • we would still have to buy the carseat adapter ($60) and carseat ($150+)
  • getting the all-terrain, an infant carseat, a snap 'n go carseat frame, AND a lightweight stroller
    • this little plan would end up costing ~$700+ when all is said and done

Bottom line, we need an infant carseat and those can be pricey by themselves! The ones that we were looking at range from $150-$200+!!! Whoa!!! Since we would also be in the market for a more compact stroller as well, we compromised and found an inexpensive travel system (that comes with an infant car seat) for the same price (if not cheaper) than the infant seats alone. --> Yes, we will have 2 strollers.

So we'll also be purchasing this little beauty:

Graco Stylus Travel System - Ben

This stroller will be used mostly for the first few months of baby's life, as the baby's primary infant carseat and as our smaller, more compact stroller for shopping and mall trips. The price tag on this guy is only about $175 (with coupon) and so it ends up being the same price (if not cheaper) than purchasing the $60 adapter bar and an infant carseat for the all-terrain stroller... we're basically getting a free stroller by going this route. 

So that's the plan as of now - I am of course continuing to research. But at this point, this seems to be the most logical and inexpensive solution. Of course if anyone has any others, I would love to hear them!


Girl of The Grove said...

What a fantasitc rocker. Good fine. : )

dave and jenn said...

I think you made a good call. We bought a jogger too, because we also hate plastic wheels. We figured we would use it a lot walking around the neighborhood and going to city trails. The jogger we picked out does accommodate an infant car seat too. We're also going to register for the lightweight stroller frame that will go with our car seat, and hopefully someone will get it for us! That will be used for shopping trips around town when something lightweight is more convenient.

There are so many options out there- it's mind-boggling! :)