Monday, March 14, 2011

Pooh Prints

Last week the Winnie the Pooh art prints that we ordered for the nursery arrived in the mail - they're perfect! Exactly what we were looking for! The colors in the prints are just so vibrant, and they really match the colors of the bedding set that we picked out.

So today we went out in search of frames, with which to display these art pieces. The nursery furniture that we ordered is an espresso color, and we knew that it would be difficult to find an exact match for our frames. So instead of obsessing, we did the best that we could. We got lucky and were able to find some very inexpensive frames at Walmart that, although aren't an exact match, are close enough to look great with the wood of the rest of the pieces in the room. So, here's the finished product(s)...

Sorry for the poor quality picture - this was taken with a cell phone.

But don't they look great?! We couldn't be more thrilled with how they turned out!

All together, each framed print only cost $10!!! Already assembled sets cost upwards of $100 for something very similar. I was glad that we were able to do this for so cheap, and honestly I think they look great (if I do say so myself ;o)! And of course, they're exactly what we wanted for the room :o)

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