Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I don't know if it's because we have a little one on the way, or what. But lately I have been obsessed with all things Disney! I've always been a fan of the Disney classics and collected the videos over the years. We're now currently in the process of collecting the BluRay editions, as they are released.

Regardless, I would like Disney to be a big part of out little one's childhood years. We've already begun with the Winnie the Pooh elements in the nursery, and I have been searching for ways to take it even further.

Another design element that I really like for children, is fantasy - I feel like every child should grow up with a limitless imagination. My own favorite things as a child, were based on this concept of fantasy and adventure - I would like to pass that along to my child now.

While pondering this concept, I came across this artist and his beautiful pieces of artwork:

This is a series done by Thomas Kinkade, and I just think that he does a fabulous job of capturing the fantasy and magic of Disney. The colors and composition are just so imaginative and whimsical - I love them!

I only wish that he had done even more of the classic Disney films and characters...

I would love to put these up in a playroom at some point. After we finish our master bedroom remodel, I would like to finish part of our basement and make room for a permanent play area and theater room where these pieces might be displayed. I think they would fit perfectly in a space such as that.

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Becky said...

I LOVE everything Disney! I have seen a few of these prints but would love to put the Peter Pan one in our nursery someday.