Wednesday, July 27, 2011

33 weeks

And post # 100 for Domestic Diva!!!

I've been getting the feeling that lately our weekly pregnancy updates have become a little redundant as we get further and further along. So I've decided to switch things up a little bit this week - we've removed some of the questions that don't really apply anymore, and added some that I think will spice things up a little bit ;o)

This weeks' weight gain/loss: 0lbs

Total weight gain/loss: +1lbs

Size of Baby: Honeydew!!! Only one more fruit left to go!

Biggest challenges: Bending over lol shaving in the shower has become quite the chore, but I absolutely refuse to give that up - I still have to feel like a woman somehow! But putting on shoes, tending to the animals, picking things up off the floor etc. have become quite difficult. When something falls on the floor, I sit there and think to myself first "do I really need this right now, or can it wait until Bryan can get it?" lol

Cravings: My nausea has actually resurfaced a little :o( Not nearly as bad as it was back in the beginning, but I do find myself gagging here and there. I'm also really thirsty lately - so I guess water is my current craving.

Gender: it's a BOY!!! Owen Richard W*****

Movement: He's actually been super active lately - kept me up most of last night. Lots of rolling and turning, but still some really strong kicks here and there. Hiccups are becoming much more noticeable lately and it makes me giggle when I feel them :o) Poor little guy.

Sleep: Oy, where to begin?! Because of Bryan's work schedule (he works nights), I've been going to bed with him fairly early these days. I try my best to stay awake and get things done while I'm laying there, instead of falling asleep so early, but that doesn't always work. So then I'm wide awake when he leaves for work around midnight and usually can't fall back to sleep again until the wee hours of the morning.

What I Miss: Being able to breathe lol I constantly feel like I am out of breath and therefore severely out of shape. I can't wait to not be winded just from the simple act of walking around.

Emotions: I have been very sentimental and anxious this week. Thinking about finally getting to meet Owen and officially start our new little family gets me all choked up :o) But I am also feeling the pressures of nesting and that's really making me antsy. Knowing that our remodel isn't finished yet and therefore we can't officially finish his nursery, just makes me want to rip my hair out! I want it to be done already!!! I am in hardcore nesting mode and there's so much standing in my way *sigh*

Best moment this week: We had our first shower this past weekend (see post below) - it was absolutely wonderful! So many family and friends came out to welcome Owen, the love and support was overwhelming!

Any baby related purchases: TONS due to our shower, but we were also able to return some duplicates and purchase his car seat!!! I cannot believe that there is an infant car seat in my house!

Milestones: Definitely our shower - I still cannot believe how much baby stuff is in our house - and being in the last week of July... in a few more days we'll be able to say that he could be here this month or shortly into the next!!!

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dave and jenn said...

I am getting so excited for you!

After you have him, I guarantee that it will feel wonderful to be able to bend over again. Ha! I started to ask Dave to reach something for me the other day and then I realized I could get it myself. :) enjoy these last several weeks!