Thursday, July 21, 2011

32 weeks

How far along: 32w1d

This weeks' weight gain/loss: +3lbs

Total weight gain/loss: +4lbs

Symptoms: Aside from the swelling, sleeping has been awful - all I do is toss and turn all night long :o( It's hard to roll the belly over every few minutes and I hate when my limbs fall asleep.

Maternity clothes: All maternity at this point.

Stretch marks: Some around my pelvic area and thighs, but none on my tummy :o)

Best moment this week: This has been a rough week to say the least, but I am looking forward to our shower this weekend. Hoping that brightens a rather gloomy week... hoping.

Movement: I'm starting to recognize his routine(s) - he's definitely most active in the evening, once I get home from work and of course after dinner. We're starting to be able to make out specific limbs as they go by lol

Food cravings: I ate way too much junk food this week :o( Potato chips, cookies, candy, etc. And felt like absolute grabage every.single.time *sigh* I was definitely stress eating (work this week has been awful and we're having a massive heatwave right now) but that's no excuse. Gotta get back on the bandwagon!

Gender: it's a BOY!!! Owen Richard W*****

Any baby related purchases: Found a couple super cute outfits at Target this past weekend, that I simply couldn't resist. One is a brown onsie that says 'snuggle bear' with two bears hugging, pants and a hoodie with little brown bears all over it - but the best is the bear ears on the hood :o) The other is a onsie that says 'I Love My Dad'.

Milestones: Our first shower is on Saturday!!!

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dave and jenn said...

Enjoy your shower! Can't wait to hear about it.