Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The weather around here is finally starting to become seasonal appropriate!!!

But that means more hot and humid days, which means mama's extremities are swelling :o(

I'll be honest, my fingers have been swelling since spring - mostly when I'm standing or walking for long periods of time. My doctor assured me that it's perfectly normal and so I didn't really think twice about it... until my rings started getting snug. Aside from being just plain uncomfortable, I really don't want to get my rings stuck and then have to have them cut off - I know it's completely repairable, but it's also preventable, so I decided it was time to beat the heat and take them off *sigh*

But when I took them off, the look of my naked ring finger really bothered me!

So I did what every pregnant woman (or 16 year old teeny-bopper pretending to be engaged) would do... I went out to a local department store and bought myself a set of fake rings! I had gotten a coupon in the mail for $10 off any purchase, and the rings only came to $18... so this is what $8 will buy ya:

I really wanted something identical to my 3 stone princess engagement ring and wedding band, but alas they didn't offer such beauty in glass and plastic. So I choose the option closest to my original set and it's worked really well so far! No one has actually noticed that my rings are different, let alone fake. And now I won't get any side-eye stares from strangers who notice my baby bump and then my naked ring finger.

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dave and jenn said...

I'm wondering if I will have to do this soon too! I don't want to give up my wedding rings though. :(