Monday, June 6, 2011


How far along: 25w5d

This weeks' weight gain/loss: +2lbs

Total weight gain/loss: -3lbs

Symptoms: My fingers are really starting to swell when I stand for too long and/or it's too warm and humid out.

Maternity clothes: All maternity at this point.

Stretch marks: yes :o( around the hips, lower abdomen and thighs *sigh*

Best moment this week: Getting my first "official" stranger comment :o)

Movement: Lots, especially when I eat. And Bryan is still feeling kicks from the outside.

Food cravings: Still lemonade (even though it gives me heartburn) and fruit, I am love love loving fruit right now!

Gender: it's a BOY!!! Owen Richard W*****

Any baby related purchases: My mom bought us the mattress for our crib - she bought Owen his entire furniture set (love her). We have all the big pieces of furniture now all we need is a room for the nursery to put it all in!

Milestones: Feeling even more kicks from the outside this week!!!

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dave and jenn said...

Almost finished with your second trimester!!