Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that Bryan's family is originally from another state - he, his brother, and his parents are the only ones of his extended family living within a 4 hour drive. So naturally, we try to go down and visit at least once a year and that usually happens to be when they celebrate Christmas together. This year, that celebration took place this past weekend - we piled into a vehicle (which is getting increasingly cramped with 5 of us and now Owen too) and headed south for the festivities.

This was Owen's first major trip - his first extended car ride and his first night(s) away from home. All-in-all he did surprisingly well :o) Aside from his daily schedule being off (including complete lack of solid naps) he plowed through like a champ! He even slept great, despite the fact that his routine was non-existent and he was in a new strange place.

It was also his first taste of Christmas :o) He got some really great presents from family and was just really excited to be with everyone.

I love his little holiday outfit :o) That was a gift from Bryan's dad - a sweater-vest, just like grandpa's lol

It was a great family weekend and I was so happy to share it with Owen this year :o)

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