Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Decor

Tis the season :o)

My holiday spirit (i.e. tree, stockings, lights, music, SNOW lol) usually lasts from Thanksgiving to New Years, and then I'm ready to move on. So I am one of those people who throws their tree and decorations up the day after Thanksgiving, and you'd better believe it all comes down the day after New Years! Now if only I could get the snow to do the same :o)

So our holiday spirit is currently in full swing - here's what our home looks like this year:

I ordered Owen his first Christmas stocking :o) We probably wont really stuff it (at least too much ;o) this year, since he's still unaware of what's really going on - we might as well take advantage and save some $$$ while we still can haha But now we all have matching stockings, hung by the chimney with care!

I also took some time to practice with my photography skills a little more - I am currently focusing on a technique called "bokeh", which is Japanese for "out of focus". The holiday season is a great time to utilize the bokeh technique; all of the lights make for some great photo opps :o)

(who is that I see, hanging in the Christmas tree ;o)

My next task will be attempting to get Owen in the foreground of some of my bokeh shots (good luck, right? lol). Now that he is able to situp a little more on his own, I'm hoping to be able to attempt a few shots - stay tuned!

Happy Holidays!


Faith said...

everything looks amazing! love your Christmas decor and your photography is looking good!

misc.alaina said...

Beautiful decorations! Good luck getting your little guy in the shot. I had a really hard time last year with Will being so little! Now that he is walking, this year will be even harder though!! Can't wait to see the photos you come up with!