Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3 Months

I cannot believe that my little bug is 3 months old already!

I am sure that every parent says that all of the time, and I am sure that I have and will continue to say that at each and every milestone - but it seriously just blows my mind how quickly he's growing and how fast time is going. If only we could freeze time and keep him like this forever :o)

But since that's not possible, I will "freeze time" in my own way by capturing as many of these moments as I can in pictures :o) I am so glad that we invested in a nice camera before Owen joined our family, we are definitely getting our money's worth. Even with all of the pictures that I am taking (which is A LOT), I still don't feel like it's enough... I'm not sure that it will ever be enough, but I am making a conscious effort to get the camera out as much as possible.

So we had a few mini-photo sessions this week, to capture Owen's 3 month portraits:

I keep saying that I am going to practice and improve my photography skills - well let me tell you, photographing a baby will definitely help you with that! I am sure that toddlers and young, mobile children are a challenge of their own... so I'm glad that I'm starting now and working my way up to that lol Lucky for me, Owen is a great and happy baby :o) Plus, he's super cute and having a great subject to work with makes any photograph easier to take (what, you're saying I could be biased ;o)

Overall, I am thrilled with how these came out. We tried to experiment with different settings, backgrounds and props - living in the Northeast leaves photographers with very little natural light come this time of the year, so I am getting lots of practice with studio portrait photography setup right now.

My goal is to continue to get the camera out as much as possible (I have yet to actually bind myself to a specific goal, like daily photography). I also take a daily cell phone pic of Owen to text message to our parents each day - I am looking forward to compiling these photos into a 365 Days of Owen collage at his first birthday :o) I mentioned previously that we also recently invested in a HD video camera... now that Owen is reaching more developmental milestones, I will be trying to capture those in action as well.


dave and jenn said...

He is so stinkin' cute! And your pictures are seriously so good. I enjoyed your holiday decor pictures too. Beautiful!

Jeska said...

Love the colored one of him nakey in the towel! Great job, I love the simplicity of the photos. Clean backgrounds!