Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

I am happy to report that our Christmas this year was very laid back and uneventful - the perfect holiday :o)

It was unfortunately also the last uneventful time since... more on that later ;o)

As our families are geographically spread out across a moderately sized city, we typically spend most of our major holidays in the car traveling between them and making sure that everyone gets their time with us. This was especially important this year, as it was Owen's first Christmas and everyone wanted to be a part of it. We, however, were not looking forward to a day spent couped up in the car with a 3 month old lol and honestly, what way is that to spend any holiday?

So this year we decided that we wanted to host Christmas at our own house and have everyone come to us :o) It was important to us that Owen spend Christmas in his own home, but still be surrounded by family. Of course, we were still dealing with a 3 month old and so I was on a mission to make hosting such a major holiday as easy as possible. Each of our families came and went throughout the day, we put out ham and rolls for sandwiches, along with various other finger food type items - things that could be picked at throughout the day. No formal sit down dinner for us, and it worked out just fine!

Owen was a great sport - despite going on minimal sleep (it's difficult to try and not miss anything, when you're used to sleeping most of the day lol) he passed out from exhaustion in various people's arms here and there, but got no real sleep sessions in that day.

 (LoVe this pic of my two favorite guys :o)

 (santa feet :o)

He absolutely LoVeD opening gifts :o) Like any child, he was more interested in the wrapping paper than anything else haha but as usual our families were overly generous, and Owen made out like a bandit! Who knew that someone so small, could get soooooooo many toys! I have no idea where we're going to put everything lol

 (very unamused lol)

 (the best present this year :o)

 We wanted to start some Christmas traditions with Owen and although he is too young to really get any of them, it was important to us to start them now so that we can truly say we had been doing them since his very first Christmas :o) He got his first ornament for the tree, we read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, watched the movie Elf, and opened Christmas jammies and wore them to bed that night and took a family picture in them in front of the tree :o)

Hoping that all of you had safe, happy and healthy holidays as well! Here's to a wonderful New Year!


dave and jenn said...

We had some of the exact same Christmas traditions this year too! Fun. :) Glad it was great for you all!

Jeska said...

he is soo cute :)