Saturday, April 24, 2010

Green Thumb Part I

The weather today was absolutely lovely, so we decided it was the perfect day to work on our landscaping! I can honestly say that I do not have a green thumb on my body, but I think that it actually turned out quite well.



They are all perennials - the 3 taller plants in the back are day-lilies, and the 4 smaller green ground covers in the front are wormwood. The mulch is actually brown rubber, made from old recycled tires - compared to typical wood mulch, this stuff wont decompose, blow away, attract bugs/insects/ants, create dust and/or dirt, etc. It's guaranteed for at least 12 years and the color isn't supposed to fade.

The plants will obviously grow larger and fuller with time, and the flowers will blossom. It's still missing some stone edging, which is our project for tomorrow, but I think it looks much better than it did before! The previous owners had left a hodgepodge of rose bushes, random plants and weeds - so this is a HUGE upgrade from when we first bought the house. We may still fill in some of the empty space with random colorful annuals, but I want to get the stone edging done and allow the day-lilies to bloom first before we add anything else.

Here is the stone edging that we are considering - 12x6 stamped blocks from Home Depot

What do you guys think?


Jessica said...

Good job! I am horrible with plant life, but I too need to work on getting my yard ready for the summer. Today was the perfect day for that!

What's New with Mrs.T said...

Oh wow!!! It looks great!! I give you alot of props I am not much of a gardener!!

Amy said...

I love it! The dark mulch makes everything 'pop'! Your entire blog is awesome too, btw ;-)