Monday, April 12, 2010

Back from the Mile High City

And we're back - from Colorado that is. We arrived back home around 11am on Sunday morning, after a long night of layovers and redeye flights. But after a lovely 5 hour nap, it was all worth it ;o)

It was an absolutely amazing few days in Estes Park, Colorado. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was breathtaking, the nuptials were perfect, the company was great, and the Stanley Hotel was everything I ever dreamed it would be and more :o)

So here is what our itinerary looked like:
  • Wednesday - 
    • flight from NY to Denver, CO
  • Thursday - 
    • scenic drive from Denver to Estes Park
    • ghost tour
    • rehearsal dinner
  • Friday - 
    • wedding at the Stanley Hotel
  • Saturday - 
    • sight seeing around Estes Park
  • Sunday -
    • flight from CO back to NY

Here's a rough first shot of the breathtaking first view of the Rockies from the highway heading out of Denver

Arriving at Estes Park

First glimpse of the historic Stanley Hotel

Finally seeing my hotel up close

Isn't she beautiful?!?!

Here are a few shots from the Ghost Tour at the hotel

One of the ballrooms, which was used in the mini-series

the stage in the ballroom, which was actually built for the movie and the hotel decided to keep it even after they were done filming

the infamous grand staircase

 the hotel lobby

the original Otis elevator, also used in the movie

the access door to the bell tower, which had Redrum written on it

the tunnel system in the basement

 the dollhouse replica from the movie

hallway in the Stanley Hotel

The biggest downfall of the ghost tour and our time at the Stanley Hotel, was that the entire wing of Room 217 (the infamous room from the movie(s) and the room where Stephen King himself stayed, came up with the story for, and actually penned the first draft of the Shining novel) was closed for remodeling :o(

However, I was determined to get my shot of the infamous room (or at least the door). And so while we were staying overnight in the hotel, I took it upon myself to sneak into the closed remodeling area and snagged a quick pick of the door :o)

totally worth it!!!

And there ya have it folks - the famous Stanley Hotel!!! What a surreal experience, to finally see it in person.

Of course I cannot neglect the primary reason for our trip to Colorado - the wedding of our friends. Which was equally as beautiful and amazing as the setting in which it took place.

 the rehearsal dinner

view from the rehearsal dinner

my father-in-law was the officiant

here comes the bride

wine ceremony

husband and wife!!!

arriving at the reception

first dance

A beautiful event and a awesome trip. We had an amazing time with family and friends.

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