Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bargin Shopper

I am not lol

As a child my mom would occasionally drag me to garage sales and consignment shops, in search of good deals and bargains. Either she wasn't very good at it herself or I just never paid much attention, because I am awful at it lol

Having your first baby, you suddenly realize how expensive everything is - who knew something so little could need so much! And there are sooooooo many different options out there, which of course range in price and quality.

So far we've been doing pretty well saving $$$ here and there, when and where we can - as demonstrated in my BabySteals post from last week. Of course that was a special circumstance, as the item was still brand new and just a really good deal price wise.

I know there's many people out there who live for the good bargain find and are willing to buy anything second hand if it means saving a few bucks. Now, I'm not saying that I am against used items by any means... but there are some things that I am just not willing to have around my baby, not knowing exactly what or who has happened to them in the past.

At this point, we have decided that we are willing to look at any item without fabric as a potential second hand purchase. My primary reasoning behind this is because items without fabric can easily be cleaned and sterilized or disinfected. Where as most items with fabric on them, are not removable and cannot easily be thrown into the wash for a proper cleaning.

One item that I am really interested in snagging for a second hand price is a Snap 'n Go stroller frame.

Clearly this item is just a metal frame and therefore can easily be wiped down for sterilization.

But sold brand new in stores, this hunk of metal retails for around $75!!!

Whoa, I'm sorry but that is just not something that I am (1) willing to spend myself, or (2) willing to ask someone else to spend for me (i.e. registering for one). That's a lot of money for something so simple, that will only be used for a few months while the baby is still an infant.

I love our "top-of-the-line" jogging stroller and have registered for the infant seat adapter, so that will be our primary stroller. But I would like something a little smaller for trips to the mall and stores, where the aisles are a little bit tighter and the larger jogging stroller may not maneuver quite as well.

So I've been stalking our local Craigslist, waiting for a good deal to arise. Someone posted an ad recently, wanting $35 for hers - she responded to me yesterday and it was still available. Now it's been posted for a month now and still available, so I am hoping that she will be willing to take $25 for it - still waiting for a response today, so we shall see soon enough!

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dave and jenn said...

Good luck! We are hoping to get one of these at a shower. I think you are right about only buying used items without fabric.

By the way, I tagged you in my "10 Things I Love" post earlier this week. :)