Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day (21w4d)

Going for a little bit of a non-traditional weekly update this week, in honor of Mother's Day :o)

I am a firm believer in the idea that you become a mother, as soon as you see those two lines on a pregnancy test. I've been carrying Owen around for almost 22 weeks now and feel very much like a mother - I make decisions for his health and well being, I care for him, I love him... I am a mother!

Luckily my wonderful and amazing husband feels the same way :o)

Although I didn't honestly expect him to, or think that he would, do anything for Mother's Day this year - he proved to me, yet again, what a fantastic man he is and surprised me with the greatest Mother's Day gift!

A very sweet mother-to-be Mother's Day card (apparently very difficult to find, so he's told me lol) and a new Willow Tree figurine for my collection (we received two couples figurines as wedding gifts).

I was so surprised (which is very difficult to do, I don't typically like being surprised and do everything in my power to spoil things lol) and so touched by this gesture... there aren't even words.

Other people wished me a Happy Mother's Day as well - I am looking more and more pregnant these days, there's no denying Owen's in there lol. It was a great first Mother's Day! Thank you everyone!

In honor and memory...

Yesterday was also the EDD (est due date) of our first baby :o(

Our situation made Mother's Day bitter sweet this year. I took a moment to myself yesterday, to remember and pray for our lost little one. Owen helped pay respects to his sibling as well, he gave me a nice solid kick as we were sitting there in silence.

We know that our sweet little angel is up in heaven looking down on us and watching over his/her new bother [Owen]. This thought alone gives me peace and although yesterday was bittersweet, I am looking forward to our wonderful future.

To all of you mothers out there with "empty arms" - whether you're trying or have lost - I pass along lots of thoughts and prayers for you all, that someday soon your dreams may also come true ((((hugs))))


dave and jenn said...

What a sweet post! We celebrated this year too - I completely agree that you become become a mother as soon as you become pregnant. We are taking care of our babies!

Very nice gift from the hubby. :) And kudos to him for surprising you.

Maria said...

Hi Katrina! Thank you for the response and well wishes on "TB" forum. Congratulations to you and what a sweet Mother's Day you had! I would love to follow your journey! If you would like, you can follow me as well! :)
Much love!