Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Us!

Hoping everyone has a very merry Christmas and a safe happy New Year!

I know, I know, I know... I've been slacking with my blogging duties lately. Things have just been absolutely crazy the past few months, but hopefully they will start to settle down now for 2011!

As I mentioned before, I started a new job back in November and with that came a lot of new responsibilities - including an entire Orientation event that I needed to organize and throw the week of Christmas (yikes!). So needless to say, I have been super busy with that - but I am proud to report that it was a success and now it's onto the next thing lol I am actually going out of town for a conference in a couple of weeks, so that will be keeping me busy for a short while as well... it's always something!

Aside from that, we just got back from our Christmas vacation to Arizona a few days ago as well. We were just north of Phoenix visiting Bryan's grandparents for the holiday. It was a great trip - on Christmas day I was sitting outside in 75° weather!!! It really did not feel like Christmas at all, which was just fine by me this year... it was perfect!

So clearly, we've had a lot going on recently. We haven't even really had a chance to do anymore work on our upstairs renovation, but hopefully that will get back on track now that the holidays are over.

It sort of has to get back on track, we need our new master bedroom finished soon because this year in 2011 we are going to need that extra bedroom for a nursery! That's right, we're expecting again!

Given our struggle to conceive and after our loss back in September, I really struggled with how to handle everything our next go-around (God willing we ever got the chance again). But then I  was reminded that most of the worry surrounding pregnancy is in regards to pregnancy loss and we've already survived that! So this time I am going to take each day as it comes and enjoy every single moment that I get to be pregnant! We're thinking nothing but positive thoughts and enjoying it all - "today I am pregnant and I love my baby" :o)

And what better way to start 2011 than that?!?!

Anyway, we're really excited and hope that you will continue to follow us through this journey as we become parents! Thanks again for reading and Happy New Year everyone!


Girl of The Grove said...

Congrats, Katrina! A baby on the way is a splendid way to celebrate the new year. Sending lots of positibe vibes your way. : )

Becky said...

Congrats! That is so exciting!