Friday, January 14, 2011

Loooooong Week

So I have been out of town at a conference for work all week, and it seriously feels like it has been the longest week ever! I left home on Tuesday morning and have literally been in meetings/sessions/workshops every moment of every day since then, and I still don't get to leave for home until after noon today! Not only has the week itself been long, but the days have been long too... we've been going from 7am until around 9pm everyday this week, with minimal breaks aside from meals.

On top of that, I am sure that you all know what it's like to sleep in a bed that is not your own and/or without your significant other there beside you. Or, if you're like me and your husband usually works nights, then I have really been sleeping without this all week...

Lol Sorry for the poor quality pic - Bryan sent it to me via text message yesterday, so it's a cell phone pic, but it definitely put a smile on my face. LoVe them :o) No less, I haven't really been getting any good, quality sleep lately either. All of that combined has just made for a really draining week, and I am so excited for it to finally be over!!!

The ironic part of the whole thing, is that we were walloped with a major snow storm this week as well. And so many of the speakers/presenters who were scheduled to be at this conference, couldn't even make it into town for it! So unfortunately there has been a lot of disappointment associated with this trip as well.

Luckily the snow fall has stopped and the plows have had time to get out there and clear the roads. Hopefully our ride home will be quick, safe, and uneventful! I can't wait to get home :o)

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