Thursday, July 1, 2010

Total Eclipse

The big day has come and gone - the midnight premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was late Tuesday night early Wednesday morning. It was a wonderful night filled with great friends, good food, and an awesome movie!!! We gathered at my place around 7pm for dinner and then left for the theater around 9:30pm, which worked out perfectly because we only had to stand in (an actually very short) line for about 20 minutes before they let us into the theater to sit down!!! Last year for New Moon we had to stand in a very crowded and chaotic line for nearly 2 hours before they let us into the theater - I guess they got their shit together this time around :o)

Here are some pics from the party setup

the food table, complete with themed snacks

romantic red velvet cupcakes with movie pics

Jacob and Edward chocolate covered strawberries

vegetarian vamp veggies tray

werewolf kibble

blood red punch

red, black, and white candies

the goodie bags table - all assembled and ready for the guests

 the contents of the goodie bags as posted in my previous Twi-hard post: custom twi-shirt to match each girl's personality, Bella's engagement ring pop, blood sucker twizzlers, Twilight body spray, Edward Cullen bookmark, Eclipse soundtrack, and an Eclipse hand painted wine glass (we give one out at each premiere party, November 2011 we'll finally have the complete set once Breaking Dawn is released!!!)

shot of the room - love how it turned out

 Andrea, in a completely appropriate pose with Edward ;o)

all the lovely twi-hard ladies in their custom twi-shirts
from left to right: Mel "Team Edward, Except When Jacob Is Shirtless", Me "Edward Prefers Brunettes", Carolyn (6 months pregnant with her first baby, a little girl to be named Sophia!!!) "Edward's Baby", Ashley "Edward can Bite My Pillows, Bust My Headboard, And Bruise My Body Anyday", and Andrea "This Bella Married Her Edward"

We had a blast and the movie was amazing!!! Definitely the best one of the series so far - we still have 2 more movies (1 book split into 2 movies) to go: Breaking Dawn I in November 2011, and then Breaking Dawn II sometime in 2012... wow those dates seem waaaaaaay too far away lol But we have the Eclipse DVD release to look forward to in the next few months, so that will break it up at least a little bit.

So there you have it ladies, my 2010 twi-hard event. Hopefully you have at least enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about another side of me from these few posts, I promise to get back to the domestic diva side of this blog asap :o) Now that I have some of my free time and creativity back (at least until November 2011 ;o) maybe we can get some more work done around the house - that upstairs master bedroom is taking far too long to complete, or even make progress on for that matter... my To Do List isn't getting any shorter!


Lynn said...

OMG Katrina.. this is all amazing!!!!! I absolutely love the custom t-shirts... the party looked like it was a blast! I wish I lived closer and i would crash it! haha

Katrina said...

Thanks Lynn :o) You totally would not have to crash, I'm gonna get you out here to Roch-cha-cha for a twi-party on of these days. Looks like Alexis might even be ready to attend on herself on of these days ;o)

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