Saturday, July 24, 2010

Couch to 5k

Since I've recently updated the look of Domestic Diva, you may have noticed some new features on the blog - including the 101 in 1001 page tab. In my list of goals I mention my desire to drop some of the extra lbs I've been carrying around, and in an effort to accomplish this goal I have decided to take up the Couch to 5k running program!!!

This program is designed to take the non-runner (me) to a 5k runner (wanna be me) in a matter of 9 weeks, based on the concepts of interval training and gradually building ones stamina.

This week commenced week #2 of my program, and so far I must say that it is going quite well. During the first week my quads were definitely feeling the effects of my new workout routine, but after a nice weekend of r&r and some lovely doses of extra strength Tylenol I was feeling much better :o) This week was also much easier than the first week, I could feel my stamina improving already. In fact, my clothes are fitting better, the scale as budged slightly in a downward direction, and I am even feeling better physically! All in all I am very happy with this program and hopefully it keeps up, or rather I keep it up ;o) Stay tuned!

Week 1 ~ Total Weight Loss: - 4lbs


Becky said...

Good Luck with this! I started to do this last year when I was 'training' for my 5K that I ran. It was good in the beginning since I wasn't a runner, but then I realized that I had more endurance than I thought and just ditched the plan all together and started running on my own.

Katrina said...

That's really good to know - I already feel like I have more endurance than the beginning of this program calls for, which is shocking considering I haven't run in nearly 10 years. Maybe it will catch up with me eventually. Do you still run Becky?

Lynn said...

HEY GIRL.. C25K is awesome. I've known a lot of people online who've done it. Good Luck.. I know you can do it. Trust me.. I if I can run, so can you! When would your first race be? I'd love to come and support you. Keep up the great work! Miss you.