Saturday, March 27, 2010

Media Masters

I am fortunate (or financially unfortunate) enough to be married to a self-proclaimed electronics guru. My husband loves his electronics, especially as they relate to movies/TV and computers.

Our home is currently graced with the presence of a
  • 42" LED flat screen TV
  • 22" LED flat screen TV
  • up-converting DVD player
  • bluray player
  • HD digital DVR cable
  • 7.1 sound bar & sub-woofer 
  • terabyte media hard drive
  • Xbox 360
  • 2 laptops (his & hers)
  • desk top computer w/2 flat panel monitors
And we still have yet to complete the second floor master bedroom, which I am sure will have plenty more room for even more electronics. Hopefully our bank account survives!

Since moving into our first house, we have slowly been working out the logistics of owning so much electronic equipment. I (finally) recently got our 42" LED flat screen TV mounted on the wall above the fireplace - saving us a ton of floor space in the living room -

but we have yet to acquire a media tower with which to organize our electronics and complete the look. 

Until now...

We found this lil number on Overstock and thought it would be the perfect solution to our media problem!

Just to give you an idea, this is what we're going for

Yes, it's only a rough idea - but I think you get it.

We placed the order this morning (only $2.95 shipping!!!) and will hopefully find it on our doorstep and then in our living room sometime next week! Stay tuned...

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