Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Here

We're getting ready to do demolition on the second floor of our cape cod, and our industrial roll-off dumpster arrived this afternoon.

If you'll notice the placement - we're hoping the be able to just throw the debris out the second story window into the dumpster (this should be interesting). We'll be tearing down the old walls, which are made primarily of plaster so they're coming down in smaller pieces and hopefully making it easier to potentially accomplish the aforementioned task ..::fingers crossed::..

We did a little bit of pre-demo work last weekend, just to get an idea for what we were up against. 

Here's what we accomplished thus far

Once the pile on the floor started approaching my knee level, we decided it was time to order the dumpster. This weekend will be spent removing the electrical work and then tearing down and disposing of the rest of the walls/ceiling. We're hoping to have all of this accomplished by Sunday night, so that we can get rid of the dumpster and begin rebuilding.

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