Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello My Name Is

Katrina... and I have a bedding addiction...

It's been 72 hours since my last bedding purchase.

I had the urge to buy a new bed set today, I'm still fighting that urge :-/

No but seriously - look at this bed set

(image source: West Elm)

How gorgeous is this set?!?!  

And maybe these pillows to accent

(image source: Overstock)

I really like the gray and yellow combo

Ok, ok, ok!!! I know, I know I have a problem! I mean I've been pining over the Pottery Barn Painterly Paisley set forever now, and I finally got!!! I ordered it from a PB outlet seller on Ebay for 30% off, and received it in the mail today - and yes, it is as spectacular as it appears on the website. But this new set - this new set, has the potential to be just as spectacular! And how will I ever know if I can't have it?!?!

So tell me... what is a girl to do?!

You knooooow... I could use a new bed set for the [soon to be] guest bedroom once we finish and move our master bedroom upstairs to the second floor... ;o) Just sayin!

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