Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day

There have been rumors of a winter storm approaching our area for the last week now - first it was supposed to hit Thursday morning, then that got pushed back to late Thursday afternoon, and that got pushed back to Thursday night, and of course that got pushed back to Friday morning... you get the point - honestly, the should have just said it will get here when it gets here.

When you work in a school, this kind of winter weather rumor leads to hopes of a surprise day off. But every time they pushed the arrival time of the storm back, this lessened our chances for a snow day as it began to look like the storm wouldn't arrive until the weekend :o(

But fear not, we woke up this morning to a BIG white surprise

 (icicles hangin from our back porch - lookin into our backyard)

(Bryan attempting to keep up with the snow & shovel us out)

(notice the almost completely buried fence on the right)

And I woke up to a lovely alert text message from our local news station, informing me that my school had been closed!!! Now don't get me wrong, you could get around town if you needed to - but there is enough snow out there (and it's still coming down), and the roads are bad enough that we really should stay inside today. This is our first snow day of the year (highly unusual for this area) and much needed - there's something great about a "surprise" workday off, that you just gotta love, sit back, relax and enjoy!

But of course, when I am stuck in the house all day I tend to get a lil stir crazy. I just need something to do, particularly a creative outlet - I am literally forced to do nothing but look around our house and notice all of these things that I want to do.

So in honor of my wonderful snow day and resulting cabin fever, today's project was one that has been nearly 2 years in the making

I give you our wedding invitation, finally framed and hung up in our living room!!! I have been meaning to tackle this project ever since I designed these invites back before our wedding in 2008 - and now I can finally cross it off of my to-do list!!! Unfortunately, this little arts 'n crafts project only took me all of half an hour to complete. And so now I must find something else to do...

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