Friday, February 26, 2010

Lookin Up

to the second floor of our home... our house is a cape cod, but the one thing that the previous owners didn't do was finish and utilize the second floor. It's a beautiful space that spans the entire length of the house, and we are currently working to finish it so that we can use it as our master bedroom. In order to do this we need to rip down the years of mixed wall materials and replace them with some up-to-date drywall, then install some carpeting to match the rest of the house.

It's a long and ongoing process - here's what we have so far

and here's what we're working towards
 much more tastefully decorated of course, but you get the idea.

Our next step is to call the town and find out about zoning and permit laws regarding drywall relacement - we wont be touching the physical structure of the house, but we will need a dumpster to dispose of the old wall materials and so we want to be straight with all of our paper work (if any is needed) since a construction sized dumpster will need to be parked in our driveway for a good amount of time. 

After that we can start tearing down the old walls!

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