Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bathroom Overhaul

The one bathroom in our house was fairly updated by the previous owners. They had tiled the floor and lower portion of the wall, replaced the tub and shower, and put in a new vanity set. So it def had that standard, contractor look to it - complete with oak laminate cabinetry, and bare-bulb lighting.

the bathroom BEFORE

the bathroom AFTER
We painted the cabinetry black, removed the old magnetic mirror/bare-bulb lighting combo and replaced them with a black framed mirror and new light fixture, purchased a new shower curtain set, added some matching window treatments, and wall art! Voila!

The black framed mirror and new light fixture were both purchased from Lowes. While the shower curtain, bath mat and hand towel were all purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond.

My DIY $10 wall art -
$3 ea. 4x4 black picture frames, filled with 50¢ scrapbooking paper.

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