Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Preparations

In a desperate attempt to get a head one way or another, I did manage to design and order our holiday cards for this year!!! I had a little mini holiday photo shoot with Owen a couple weeks ago and then also managed to have an impromptu family session shortly after. I am happy with the way they came out (photos and cards) but hope to get started even sooner next year (ahhhhh dreams lol).

They should arrive within the next 2 weeks. During the interim I plan to get the envelopes all addressed and ready to go! Sounds like a good idea now, huh? Owen is here laughing at me lol But I do like to get them out as early in the month of December as possible - as they will ultimately meet their untimely demise in trashcans across the country, I prefer that my time and effort (and that incredible cuteness of course) remain proudly presented in people's homes for as long as possible :o)


Girl of The Grove said...

He is so flippin' cute! Your cards turned out great. : )

Faith said...

he is soooo adorable! love your cards! i think they are just too much cuteness going on for them to end in trashcans!

dave and jenn said...

I am trying to get my cards ordered soon too. I love getting holiday cards in the mail and always hope that others enjoy getting ours too!

You did a great job! The pictures are awesome.