Monday, November 14, 2011

2 Months

My little Owen is officially 2 months old!

We celebrated his 2 month birthday on November 14th and I can hardly believe it! Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday we were in the hospital, welcoming him into the world.

I am trying to keep up a monthly photo comparison. Here's what we have so far:

His 1 month photos leave a lot to be desired - we were working with very poor lighting and had not yet purchased our LightScoop to makeup for that. But you get the general idea and can see the comparison. If nothing else, we're trying for basic consistency so that we can achieve the overall effect by the time he reaches 1 year (whoa that's scary to say, let alone think about).

In other news - our best friends welcomed their little guy (Owen's new best friend) into the world this past Sunday, November 13th. The two little men are one day less than 2 months apart in age. Here is Logan James:

It was so much fun being pregnant together, and now we get to watch our little guys grow up together :o) We're really looking forward to next year, when they'll really be able to play and interact with each other. In the meantime, it's just nice having another parenting couple to hang out with - someone to share our our low key, lazy lifestyle lol

Other happenings...

~*~ The premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn pt 1 is this coming Thursday!!! I am, of course, hosting my annual premiere party (although it will probably be slightly toned down this year, since I am otherwise occupied). But I am just really looking forward to a night out and a chance to indulge in my (albeit teeny bopper) fantasy world lol Pictures forthcoming :o)

~*~ We scheduled Owen's baptism for December 4th at my husband's family church, the same church we were married in and by the same Reverend who married us :o) We're very excited to have an official welcoming for Owen. I even created some special little invitations for the event:

~*~ We're having carpet installed in our master bedroom next Tuesday!!! One more week!!! And then we can "officially" consider our remodel complete (for the most part at least - there will still be some minor things to finish up, but at least we'll be moved up there)!

~*~ Just in time for Thanksgiving no less! I cannot believe next week is Thanksgiving already! We are hosting dinner this year, in an attempt to make having Owen around a little easier (no need to schlep him and his things all over town). So I will be cooking a turkey, while the other guests help out by bringing the sides. I am then hoping to get out on Black Friday for a little holiday shopping, but we'll see how that goes after a day of hosting Thanksgiving dinner and taking care of Owen. Yesterday I turned on the television to some lovely classic Christmas commercials the other day and almost had a heart attack. When did it get to be that time of the year?! I thought that thinking about starting my shopping already put me a step a head of the game, but didn't realize that in fact it really only put me barely on time lol


J said...

He is absolutely adorable! Have fun at your BD party ;

dave and jenn said...

I love your Baptism announcement. It reminds me that I need to start planning Jade's... :)

Owen is such a cutie. And you're going to love all the new things he'll start doing soon!