Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Green Thumb Part II

We finally got around to putting the edging bricks in our landscaping!!! Hey, better late than never right?! No less, it's finally done and only took a couple of hours with the help of my wonderful mother :o) I clearly didn't get my green thumb from her, because she is just awesome!!!

So, here's what we started with

then we planted some wormwood bushes and day-lilies

and now FINALLY we have the finished product

Tada!!! Please excuse all of the dead spinners laying in the mulch - our neighbor has a tree that drops them every spring and of course they blow into our yard, but it would take a million years to pick them all out (ugh) so there they sit until they decompose lol! Aside from that, the plants are growing beautifully!!!

Overall, the curb appeal for our house has skyrocketed since we moved in...

This was the listing photo from the previous owners

and this is what the house looks like now

Maybe I'm partial - but I really think it's come a long way :o) We still need shutters, a new driveway, and to do something with the front steps and walkway - but other than that I think the lawn itself looks a thousand times better, the landscaping is a HUGE upgrade from the dirt, weeds, and random tree that they had growing waaaaaaaaay too close to the front steps and foundation of the house, and our white SUV matches the house much better than their red pickup truck did ;o) What do you guys think???


misc.alaina said...

It really looks great! Your grass also looks very green and plush - my husband would be jealous. We haven't had enough rain to keep ours looking good, and it is too much to water.

Katrina said...

Thanks :o) We have been very lucky around these parts lately, lots and lots of rain - it's been a rather ugly month of June weather wise, but it's definitely been good for the plants and grass. I'm sure we'll have to break out the sprinkler at some point this summer, but like you said it's just too much to water.