Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Apparently we are making up for the un-productivity of the past couple weekends, because we are just knocking out projects like crazy this weekend! My wonderful husband graduated from graduate school this past week - he passed his thesis defense and finished the last of his research, he now officially has his M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry (woohoo!!!). And so on Friday night we went out to celebrate with my in-laws. We had dinner and drinks at a beautiful little restaurant on a nearby lake - Conesus Inn

Everything was delicious, and it was a great celebration.

For his graduation gift, my generous in-laws bought him a new grill.

He was very excited, and actually managed to get it all put together in a few hours yesterday. Hopefully he will be grilling delicious dinners for his wonderful wife in the very near future ;o)

Saturday I decided it was time to get started on a project of my own - painting the ceiling of our enclosed porch. The previous owners had painted the entire space this nasty and depressing blueish shade of gray, and I mean everything! A few weeks ago we painted the walls a nice light green, and the trim white. Now it's time to paint the rest of the ceiling white, and the exposed beams a darker brown.

We're going for a Tuscan vineyard look in this space. That was a sneak peak, so stay tuned!

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